Leather Care

How to treat your leather dog collar

A: We choose thick, robust veg-tan leather that is known for its durability, but all leather can be sensitive to water and moisture. We do not recommend getting your leather dog collar soaking wet. Some rain and casual moisture should be fine, but avoid getting it soaked as the water can penetrate the natural fibres of the leather and invite mold, or end up drying out the leather. 

That being said, your collar will be much more resilient to getting wet if you treat it. Choose a good natural leather conditioner, mink oil or a similar product. A good product will moisturize the leather while sealing it with beeswax or similar waterproofing. 

If it does get soaked, it's not the end of the world. Pat it dry with a clean towel and lay it out flat to dry. Avoid trying to speed up the process with heat as it could dry out the leather. Once dry, use a leather conditioner to bring it back to life. If it does dry out, you can use the leather conditioner to bring back the moisture.